Cooking off the Charts: The Ultimate Temperature Cheat Sheet for Stovetop Cooking

Cooking off the Charts: The Ultimate Temperature Cheat Sheet for Stovetop Cooking

By Julian Weisner, Culinary Scientist

Cooking with the right temperature is the key to consistently great results, but terms like “medium-low” and “medium-high” leave a lot of room for interpretation — and a lot of room for error. Knowing the precise optimal temperature for, say, stir-frying green beans means the difference between soggy, scorched and just right. Imagine never burning anything again.

Thankfully, Hestan Cue makes it easy to get things right. No matter what you’re cooking on the Cue, you have the power to dial in the exact temperature needed to produce consistent results. When following a recipe in the app, all the work is done for you with automatic temperature adjustments and control. But what if you’ve been eyeing that recipe for savory kimchi pancakes in your favorite cooking magazine?

Recommended Cooking Temperatures

Download a PDF-version of the Temperature Chart

Just use the “Control Mode” feature within the Hestan Cue app, and you have the freedom to set the heat on the Cue’s induction burner to a precise temperature.

But wait, the recipe says “medium-high.” How do you know what temperature to set?

That’s where our new Recommended Cooking Temperatures chart comes in. Hundreds of hours in the making, this comprehensive guide created by our team of chefs and culinary scientists puts a number to terms like medium-high. It also reveals the ideal temperature settings for everything from seared scallops (425°F) to fluffy scrambled eggs (325°F). From now on you’ll know exactly what temperature to use for cooking everything you ever wanted to cook in a pan.

Our new chart is an incredibly useful tool to help you unlock the full potential of Hestan Cue. No matter what you’re cooking, whether it’s a recipe from a cookbook, an old family favorite, or something you’re pulling together on the fly, you’re in complete control. Just check the chart, set the perfect temp, and have the freedom to cook whatever you crave — now with precision.

Check out our second iteration of the temperature chart, now expanded with additional ingredients.

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