Thanksgiven Leftovers

Thanksgiven Leftovers

After the thanks has been given its time to treat yourself to some delicious leftover creations.


While Thanksgiving provides the invaluable opportunity to gather around the dinner table with friends and family to enjoy a delicious feast, there is nothing quite like the leftovers that are enjoyed in the following days. Whether it is cold turkey smothered in gravy and sandwiched in a leftover dinner roll or a heaping bowl of stuffing and green bean casserole, it just feels right.  

Not only are Turkey Day leftovers absolutely delicious, you are actually doing the planet a favor. That’s right, we are talking about sustainability and in this case you are absolutely doing your part by indulging in and reducing food waste. Utilizing and enjoying the remains of your Thanksgiving feast will help in reducing the 126+ billion pounds of annual food waste in the United States. You read that correctly, that’s billions with a B. Americans waste up to 40% of their food every year.  A majority of the food that is wasted is perfectly edible. 

 To celebrate Thanksgiving leftovers, we tasked our team of chefs with coming up with three inspirational recipes using the Hestan Cue and its Real Time Heat Control to transform those leftovers into brand new culinary masterpieces. Each recipe uses the Control Mode feature within the Hestan Cue app, which allows you to set the exact temperature of Hestan Cue’s Connected Cookware, delivering spot on results every time. 


Thanksgiving Monte Cristo

 Thanksgiven Monte Cristo - Chef Owen

Give that leftover turkey  a new makeover with our holiday inspired take on the classic Monte Cristo. This is our savory take on a classic that utilizes roasted turkey, cranberry sauce, and swiss cheese that is sandwiched in sourdough bread and cooked at a perfect 350° in a savory herbed custard for a dish that will leave you wishing it was Thanksgiving year around. Don’t forget the gravy! 

Made Using Hestan Cue 11" Smart Pan 

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 Thanksgiven Croquettes  - Chef Aldana Iturri 

It doesn’t get much better than mashed potatoes combined with turkey and cheddar cheese, that have been breaded and deep fried until golden brown and crispy. Tired of turkey? Feel free to make this recipe your own by adding in ham, sweet potatoes, or even leftover stuffing. Bring it all together by serving with either cranberry sauce or turkey gravy.

Made Using Hestan Cue Smart Probe
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Thanksgiven Turkey Pho  - Chef Tu David Phu, Guest Chef and Top Chef Contestant

"For me, the greatest part about the Thanksgiving holiday, aside from reconnecting with family and friends, is the week-long eating marathon that follows Thanksgiving dinner."

 Like most family dinners on this holiday, menus are over zealous. As a default, my family members and I would continue to eat the leftovers into the Thanksgiving weekend. Thus resulting in amazing dishes that results from creative ways to repurpose leftovers, specifically the turkey. 

 Given that my family is Vietnamese, we made Pho with our leftover turkey. And honestly, I enjoy the Turkey Pho much more than the Roasted Turkey. Isn’t that ironic? But regardless, Turkey and Pho is truly a ‘match made in heaven.

Made Using Hestan Cue Smart Probe
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