Eggs, Every Day In Every Way

Eggs, Every Day In Every Way

Eggs should be easy. They are a quintessential ingredient in so many recipes, but cooking them just right can have its challenges. Whether you prefer them scrambled or hard-boiled, there’s a delicate balance to getting the texture and timing just right. Cue makes it easy by automatically setting the temperature for you, plus it gives you the flexibility to adjust to your desired doneness.
Hestan Cue’s culinary scientist, Julian Weisner, shares some egg essentials. 

Q: How do you prevent eggs from sticking?
A: There are two major factors that can contribute to eggs sticking in a pan: 1. Not choosing the right fat for the job and 2. Not cooking the eggs at the right temperature. In a stainless steel pan, you’ll want to use an emulsified fat like butter or nonstick spray which creates a barrier between the food and the pan to prevent food from sticking. Oil is too thin. It won’t do. However, when it comes to a scramble or an omelette, you’ll have to break that barrier which is when temperature becomes a big factor. Too low and food sticks. Too high and they cook too quickly, or get too crispy and cook unevenly.

Q: So what temperature should I be cooking my eggs at?
A: Our culinary team has done a lot of testing and we’ve identified two key temperatures for the most common egg preparations in a pan. For sunny side up or over easy (or medium or hard — whatever doneness suits you) and egg white omelettes, we recommend setting the Cue at 250°F to cook the whites without making them rubbery. For scrambles or country omelettes, we suggest 325°F but you can go a bit lower if you prefer less color on your eggs. Also, don’t crowd your pan. We recommend cooking no more than four eggs at a time for the best results.

Q: How do you cook your eggs in the morning?
A: At home, I’m all about adding flavor. My favorite thing to cook on the Cue is bacon, so I swap out butter for bacon fat and drop the temp to 250°F before cracking in the eggs, then just let them ride in the pan while I toast up some bread for breakfast. They never stick, and I get that added bacon-y goodness. Get the Hestan Cue and start cooking better eggs (and a whole lot more) today.
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