How to Cook French Scrambled Eggs

How to Cook French Scrambled Eggs

French Scrambled Eggs

Step by Step Recipe for French Scrambled Eggs

This is the technique is inspired by Adam Savage and his quest for the perfect soft scrambled egg. Much like a creamy egg custard or ice cream base, we slowly cook the eggs over low heat while constantly stirring. This ensures that the egg proteins are suspended while they cook and builds small curds, resulting in a scramble that is more creamy and almost custard-like compared to a firmer traditional American scramble. 

Follow along for the full step-by-step recipe below for perfect French Scrambled Eggs.

3 to 6 Eggs
1 tbsp Butter 

    1. Add the butter and crack the eggs in a cold pan. 
    2. Then set your Cue smart induction burner to 150°F (65°C) 
    3. Stir the eggs continuously for 2 minutes at 150°F (65°C) 
    4. Then increase the temperature to 185°F (85°C) and continue to stir while you cook for the appropriate time. Refer to the Hestan Cue Complete Guide to Eggs to determine the appropriate time based on your number of eggs. You can season your eggs at this step.
    5. Remove from the pan and enjoy with toast or bacon. 

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