Our story pairs cutting-edge technology with a love of great food. It starts with a goal: make it easy for people to cook perfect food, every time.

A mechanical engineer by trade, Hestan CEO and founder Stanley Cheng earned a reputation for innovation by developing the first hard-anodized, nonstick cookware. Since then, Hestan’s award-winning kitchen designs have become a fixture in renowned restaurants worldwide. But a problem nagged at him: how to enable people to create restaurant-quality meals in their own kitchens with consistent success.

The solution? Cheng brought the best software and electrical engineers together with some of the world's finest culinary chefs and food scientists. The result is the Hestan Cue, a smart cooking system that combines top-of-the-line smart cookware and cooktops, delicious recipes, and step-by-step guided videos. We build the hardware, write the software, create the recipe, and make sure everything works together seamlessly.

The result? Food your whole family will love, cooked to consistent perfection, time and time again.