From Our Kitchens to Yours!

From Our Kitchens to Yours!

The Cue Team Shares Their Cue Menus for Thanksgiving

We know Thanksgiving tradition often trumps culinary exploration and with so many great Cue recipes, we wanted to share with you some menu ideas from our team members as inspiration. Look for all of these recipes and more in the Holiday category in the Cue App. And check our Our Practical Guide to Thanksgiving for planning and organizing tips and tricks. 

Quick and Easy
By: Katie, Director of Operations
"Hosting a big holiday like Thanksgiving can be intimidating. I normally come up with a menu idea and share it with my family so that everyone gets to bring something for dinner. This year I wanted to treat everyone, so I will be cooking everything on the Cue. Trust me when I say "quick and easy" was my main goal."

  • So Freaking "Simple Green Beans"
  • 1,2,3, "Baked Apple and Sausage Stuffing"
  • Can't Mess Up "Oven Roasted Carrots"
  • Goes with Everything "Mushroom Pan Gravy"
  • Under 2 Hour Main Course "Maple, Mustard and Bacon Wrapped Pork Loin"
  • Everyone's Favorite "Pumpkin Pie"











The In-Law Pleaser
By: Christina, Development Chef
"My family will always show up to the dinner table, but I can never find them when it's actually time to cook, or clean for that matter. Lucky for them I work at Hestan Cue, so there's normally delicious food on the table! This is the first year my husband and I are hosting as newlyweds, so there is a lot of pressure. My favorite thing about the Cue is that it's like having an extra hand in the kitchen. I know I can get everything done and it will all come out perfect! I have a feeling, after this year, I will be the default hostess for a long time!"


  • Better than Nana’s “Fall Sourdough Stuffing”
  • Just like Grammy’s “Sweet Potato Casserole”
  • I made it from scratch “Green Bean Casserole’
  • Mother-in-Law Pleaser “Mashed Potatoes”
  • I want to wow you all!  “Soft Dinner Rolls”
  • No canned shaped “Bourbon and Orange Cranberry Sauce”
  • Where is the marsala dad?!  “Mushroom Marsala Sauce”
  • NO, it’s not dry! “Whole Roasted Turkey”
  • Their favorite daughter-in-law “Apple Pie”
  • That’s why your son married me “Pumpkin Pie”

Classic with a Twist

By: Donato, Senior Customer Support Manager
"My Wife and I like to go all out for Thanksgiving. Trivia games, stories, treats, and especially good food. One could say we just crush it. We like to make all the classics, but turkey is never a hit with our two kids, so this year we are substituting chicken for turkey."

  • Just like dessert “Sweet Potato Casserole”
  • In your face potato flakes! “Mashed Potatoes”
  • Ehh, what’s up doc? “Glazed Carrots”
  • Kids can help make it “Fall Sourdough Stuffing”
  • We may use apple cider for Bourbon “Honey Bourbon Spatchcock Chicken”
  • Mushrooms are delicious, eat them! “Mushroom Pan Gravy (you can strain the mushrooms off!)”
  • Kids can decorate “Pumpkin Pie”
  • Breakfast in bed “Cinnamon Rolls” (for the next day’s breakfast)

Better Vegetarian
By: Owen, Culinary Director
"My fiancée and I don't live near our families, so we normally celebrate with Friendsgiving every year, and this is our year to host. We have a lot of friends with different eating styles so this year we've decided to make a vegetarian feast. I like the fact that Cue helps me organize myself with the overview videos and ingredient lists, and since I know the time it will take to cook each dish I can organize my oven and fridge space accordingly. With Cue I can actually step out of the kitchen and enjoy the company, and a glass of wine."

  • Is this really vegan? “Vegan Coconut Mashed Yams with Maple Pecan Crust”
  • You will love parsnips now! “Smoky and Spicy Glazed Parsnips”
  • Get out of here “Vegan Green Bean Casserole “
  • Mhhhhhh, sooo goood! “Potato Gratin”
  • Almost as good as turkey! “Whole Roasted Cauliflower”
  • Who needs apple pie?! “Apple Strudel”
  • I’m still hungry! “Spinach and Cheese Strata” (for breakfast)

chefs pot promo

Cue Recipe Leftovers

Thanksgiving is one of those holidays that is almost known more for its leftovers than the meal itself. If you are hosting you have the privilege of hoarding all of those sweet, sweet leftovers, since the food tastes even better the next day anyways. Or you can be nice and allow your guests to pack up a doggie bag. If you want to be extra, extra nice, you can even provide to-go containers and add a thank you note with leftover recipe ideas. We've included some Cue recipe hacks to incorporate your leftovers into. Talk about winning the holidays!

Mashed Potatoes

Reheating Directions
Mashed potatoes can be difficult to reheat, but the Cue makes easy work of reheating without drying them out. Using Control Mode, set your temperature to 215ºF. Add up to 1 cup of milk to your cold mashed potatoes and reheat in the Cue Pan or Chef's Pot.


Leftover gravy is delicious as a topping for Poutine, Hot Brown Sandwiches, Biscuits or even leftover Green Bean Casserole.


Chicken Noodle Soup
Skip a few steps forward and add the leftover shredded turkey into our noodle soup instead of the classic chicken.

Chicken Pot Pie
Use leftover turkey to replace the chicken and skip a few steps for a delicious dinner.

Chicken Chile Verde
Make the sauce and mix in the leftover shredded turkey instead of cooking the chicken.

Cheese Quesadilla
Add some shredded turkey to this simple quesadilla recipe.

Chicken Stock
Use turkey bones instead of chicken.

Glazed Ham

Split Pea and Smoked Ham Soup
Replace the shank for pieces of leftover ham.

Monte Cristo Sandwich
Replace the deli ham and enjoy this tasty treat.

Country Omelette
Use some diced ham as a filling for a breakfast omelette.

Bacon and Cheese Crepe
Replace the crispy bacon with ham and enjoy as breakfast or a snack.

Cranberry Sauce

Baked Brie
Spread some cranberry sauce on the cheese before wrapping it with the dough and bake as suggested.

Monte Cristo Sandwich
Replace the dijon mustard with cranberry sauce for a sweet, tart and savory twist on this classic.

Bacon Wrapped Dates
Use as a dipping sauce to elevate this quick appetizer.

Pigs in a Blanket
Brush the inside of the dough with some cranberry sauce for a sweet and savory cocktail treat.

Green Beans

Reheating Directions
Using Control Mode, set your temperature to 215ºF. Add 2 Tbsp. of water or stock and reheat the beans in a Cue Pan or Chef's Pot.

Egg White Omelette
Cut the beans into small pieces and use as a filling for this light omelette.

Spanish Tortilla
Add some diced leftover green beans or green bean casserole to this Old World favorite.


We hope you feel inspired to get cooking, or discovered a new way to cook an old favorite this Thanksgiving. Either way, tell us what you think. Show us what you're cooking, or ask our Chefs for advice in our Facebook Community. And for more Thanksgiving planning tips and tricks, check out our Guide to Thanksgiving.

For more recipe inspiration check out the Cue App, where you can discover over 500 chef-crafted recipes, all with step-by-step video guidance from prep to plating. Download the Hestan Cue App for iOS and Android and learn more about precision cooking with Cue and all the things you can do!





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