Garnish Like a Pro

Garnish Like a Pro

There are endless ways to garnish a simple dish to give it that extra wow factor. Below are some of our chefs’ recommendations for easy ways to step up your presentation.

Fresh Herbs
Whether freshly picked or thinly sliced, arranging herbs on top of a dish gives a pop of color and great flavor. Many chefs use fine herbs which means a combination of parsley, chervil, chive, and tarragon leaves, though you can use whichever herbs you have on hand. Just be sure to pick the nicest leaves or sprigs.

Microplaned Nuts
Taking a toasted nut and micro planing it over the dish right before serving adds an element of surprise and subtle flavor.

Whether cut into segments, peeled into an elegant twirl, or lightly zested over a dish, citrus brightens a dish with bright acidity and aroma. Not to mention the variety of citrus available gives you countless flavors to experiment with.

Pickled Red Onions
Pickle thinly sliced red onions with a brine of water, salt and vinegar (you can look up our recipe in the app!) and let them sit until onions turn hot pink. They have a great crunch, a touch of sweetness, a sharp bite, and beautiful color.

Scallions or Chives
Thinly slice either of these (try slicing the scallion at an extreme angle to get an even more unique shape) for a nice pop of green, crunch, and onion flavor.

These tiny herbs are becoming more widely available in grocery stores like Whole Foods as chefs have popularized their aesthetic potential. Be it basil, arugula, watercress, or radish, they usually come in small plastic containers near the boxed lettuce section. They make a beautiful garnish that also has a mild herbaceous flavor. Did we forget to mention your favorite garnish? If so, comment below to share!

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