Hestan Cue: The Kitchen of the Future

Ever since Hestan was founded in the Seventies, it has been our mission to inspire, guide, and equip people that love to cook. Oftentimes this means breaking from tradition to envision radically new ways of cooking, and to reveal what you’re capable of in the kitchen. Our latest creation in this endeavor? Meet Hestan Cue: your very own sous chef at home. The Cue is a “smart” cooking system, meaning that its component parts (an induction burner, pan, and app) use Bluetooth technology to communicate with one another. Coupled with embedded sensors, this technology can read and regulate the temperature of your burner in real time, every step of the recipe, to give you steak with a perfect sear and juicy center, or perfectly tender glazed beets. All the while, the app guides you through culinary techniques (and pro tips) with video instruction drawn from our Michelin-star chefs’ decades of experience. One of the biggest challenges in the home kitchen is consistency. With the proper step-by-step guidance and precise temperature control offers tips to show you how you can guarantee the perfect result every time. Another challenge is familiarity. We shy away from cooking things we them, or fear we might ruin them. Fear no longer. With hundreds of recipes to explore, you can start at any level and we’ll show you how to prepare and cook each ingredient to ensure success. Not to mention, we walk you through plating dishes, with garnish and saucing suggestions, so your meal looks like it came from the hands of a professional. Once the self-doubt and fear of failure are removed from the equation, the culinary world is your oyster. So what are you waiting for? Break out of your routine, and dare to cook better food more often. Follow us along as we bring Hestan Cue into the kitchens of this world. Want to join us on this mission? Drop us a line!
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