Hestan Cue's Comprehensive Precision Cooking Temp Chart

Hestan Cue's Comprehensive Precision Cooking Temp Chart

By: Rebecca Reuben, User Experience Team at Hestan Cue


Introducing the New Precision Cooking Temp Chart

Cooking food with precise temperature on the stove is the most effective way to achieve both a flavorful interior texture as well as a nice, crispy sear on the exterior.

In order to help our community best utilize precise temperature control app features with the Hestan Cue device, we created the Control Mode Temperature Chart. The chart was so well received by our community, that we decided to expand upon it, so that home cooks with any type of burner or stovetop would be able to leverage the benefits of precision cooking with a pan.

Download the newest precision cooking temperature chart.

More Time & Temp Charts for Hestan Cue

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Precision Cooking Temps on Standard Stovetops

Precise temperature control for cooking in a pan is enabled by the Hestan Cue Smart Cooking Systems. The system includes a connected skillet and induction burner that can be operated through a companion app for iOS and Android. You can still use this chart for your stovetop at home. Simply use the recommendations shown in the Hestan Cue Temp Chart to see how these precision cooking temperatures convert to the standard High, Medium, or Low settings that exist on most stovetops.

Download the Hestan Cue app for iOS and Android for tips & tricks from the pros, video-guided recipes, and precise temperature cooking for the Hestan Cue.

If you found this guide helpful, please let us know–we would love to hear your feedback. Keep us posted with photos of your experiments and share your results and #CueTips with the Hestan Cue Community


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