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Hestan Cue

Hestan Cue 3.3 L Sauce Pot

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Precision temperature control with our new sauce pot is the perfect addition to your smart cooking system.

• Cook stress-free rice, soups, stews, even fondue
• Built-in thermocouple to maintain precise temperature control

• 3.3L tri-ply stainless steel with lid

Smart Cookware That Can Feel the Heat.

Cook like a chef

Cooking Cioppino with Hestan Cue Chef's Pot and iPad app, on table top of food

Pair Device

Pair The Cooktop with any Smart Cookware.

Download the App

Download & login to the Hestan Cue App.

Choose your Recipe

Choose from 600+ guided recipes & press start.

Start Cooking

The Cooktop communicates with the Smart Cookware to adjust temperature and time.


Enjoy your perfectly cooked meal.