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Hestan Cue

SmartChef Precision Probe

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Sync the Smart Probe to your Cue cooktop for effortless sous vide, deep frying, slow cooking, and candy making in one simple and sleek cooking probe. Connect with the Cue app for precision temperature control.

  • Works with any induction safe cookware or Cue Smart Cookware
  • Compatible with the Cue Smart Induction cooktop and Cue app 
  • Free shipping to USA and Canada

The SmartChef Precision Probe is not compatible with GE Smart appliances

Smart Cookware That Can Feel the Heat.

Cook like a chef

Cooking Cioppino with Hestan Cue Chef's Pot and iPad app, on table top of food

Pair Device

Pair The Cooktop with any Smart Cookware.

Download the App

Download & login to the Hestan Cue App.

Choose your Recipe

Choose from 600+ guided recipes & press start.

Start Cooking

The Cooktop communicates with the Smart Cookware to adjust temperature and time.


Enjoy your perfectly cooked meal.