How to host the perfect Easter party

How to host the perfect Easter party

If you are planning to host an Easter party or a casual get-together in your house over the holiday period, we have a few tips that will help keep your parties stress-free for everyone and make these days unforgettable for the ones you care for the most.

If you love having people over but you are not the best cook in the world, Hestan Cue is the perfect choice for these occasions. You will be able to cook at precise temperatures while you welcome and chat with your guests. No need to worry, your meals will be delicious, you and your family and friends will have so much fun together. 

  • People: Invite all your close family and friends, without worrying about the state of your house. If you are with your loved ones, there will be no judgment towards the mess your kids have made.
  • Decoration: Pick just one decoration and activity, don’t go too overboard with trying to surprise and making everything amazing. Your family and friends will appreciate an easy-going atmosphere much more.
  • Type of food: Looking after your guests, doesn’t mean you have to adapt the menu to everyone's tastes and requirements, it means focusing on what really matters: eating and enjoying each others company. So don’t burn out, trying to impress with the most complicated meals and of course, take advantage of your Hestan Cue, it’s App and the time and temperature controller will make all easier!
  • Relax: Take a minute, relax and enjoy your party. Take plenty of time to conversate with your family and friends, let Hestan Cue and our App do most of the work.
  • Let others help you: Get your mum or your sister’s husband to help you chop the capsicums or plate up the desserts. Your meals are already amazing and you’re having fun so, why not?
  • Cook with simplicity: Simplicity is key, focus all your attention on quality food, rather than quantity. You can add some dips and an easy appetiser to fill everyone up. That way, you can ensure you don’t miss ingredients and you are not missing anything that should have been cooked in advance!
We would love to know what you think about our quick tips to be a perfect host this Easter, but we will also love to hear how you hosted your family and friends this Easter with Hestan Cue! Send us an email or message us on social media and we’ll post the best Easter party in our blog next week!
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